1. Since my involvement last year with the Reparations Outreach Team, my belief that individual cases of Reparations against specific families, companies and institutions which benefited then and continue to prosper from the War inflicted upon our AnkhXestors which the colonialists refer to as the ‘Slavery Trade’, is one means by which at least financial recompense should be made.
    The audacity of this mere civil servant, the FCO and the UK government to even consider that they have any place to determine if, how or when the immoral and inhumane kidnap of Afkrians from their homelands as PRISONERS OF THE WAR ON AFRIKA waged by Britain and her fellow European cuntries so they can rape Afrika of her resources as they continue to do to this day is abhorrent beyond words. We must be prepared to fight them with every last breath for violence and brutality is the only language these Barbarians understand.


  2. It’s about time we put pressure on African leaders on this matter. We need to stop using the same tactics. These people are not ready or willing. It’s about time we start to also make our African leaders feel the heat. If they are feeling the heat of the people they will have to give in and take our request seriously.


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