The Stop The Maangamizi Campaign supports the Global Majority Vs Campaign & Case also supported by Plan B climate litigation charity.

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About the Global Majority Campaign:

We stand against Imperialism, for Planet Repairs, in defence of our ancestral homelands and peoples’ sovereignty (incl. autonomy) in order to end all dispossession, oppression, and exploitation – particularly neocolonial extractivism.

We recognise that the colonial project, which extends to the atmospheric space, is also the colonisation of the present and future. Our anti-colonial project is necessary not only for the emancipation of our peoples in the Global South but to win holistic Planet Repairs for all current and future generations. Hence the need for principled unity amongst the Global Majority in both the Global South and the Global North.

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One of the aspects of the Global Majority Vs Campaign that has been inspired by the work of the Stop The Maangamizi Campaign is I AM/WE ARE WITNESS.

The Global Majority Vs. Campaign is championing the importance of the I Am Witness Campaign, inspired by the work of the Stop the Maangamizi Campaign, as a central campaigning method to build solidarity and consolidate networks between communities of resistance throughout the Global Majority World.

I Am/We Are Witness is to encourage the sharing of testimonies of communities in resistance, challenging the white supremacist invisibilisation of our Global South Resisters whose communities are not only on the frontline of the Climate and Ecological Crises and the frontline of extractivism. These same communities safeguard a disproportionate amount of the world’s biodiversity, and are being targeting as the ruling classes seek to colonise and monopolise the rest of the Planet’s resources in a bid to carry on business-as-usual.

In line with the Global Majority Vs Campaign mission statement, it is the self-determining voices of communities of resistance that represent true leadership against Imperialist violence. Introducing their voices to communities of resistance in the Global North is an essential step in building the solidarity that will win Global Justice for all, challenging the establishment media’s cover-up of the violence of displacement, and active repression produced by neocolonialism and UK Government policies of genocide and ecocide. I Am Witness/We Are Witness/Somos Testigxs should build community visibility, security, and resistance capacity, while facilitating the connections of resistance stories and strategies, destabilising Euro-Amerikkkan imperialism and consolidating the anti-imperialist connections being built throughout the Global South

In the Global South, struggles continue to be waged in isolation rather than as glocal anti-imperialist manifestations against the forces supporting climate and ecological crises, funding extractivism and repression of our land defenders. Here, I Am Witness/We Are Witness will support community efforts to connect with other groups, build education around strategies in defence of the right to life and family life, and facilitate self-determination for communities to continue to be empowered to tell their own stories and lead Global South resistance. Building this work will consolidate networks of communities of resistance and their connection with Global North progressive communities of resistance, movements, and all Global Majority Peoples.