Ossie Davis‘ words are relevant to you in seeing yourself as part of the continuity of our intergenerational long March to the true freedom that Reparatory Justice will give all of us.

We gotta fight!, the March to freedom, and the March to equality was in process when I was born, I just got on board. I suspect when they let me off and put me in one of those quiet places forever, the March will still be going on, and I will be able to tell history that, at least, when I was alive, there was a place for me in the line of March. You should be happy to say as much. That’s the reward for being alive, to be part of the struggle.”

    Ossie Davis, Activist, Actor, Author

In honouring our Ancestors and their place in the line of March, we are honouring the best of who we have been in the personal and community self-repair process of becoming the best we are yet to be.

Afrikan Ancestors Reparations March (A4)

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