family history

We encourage you to begin doing family and community research on how we each have suffered and continued to suffer the crimes of the Maangamizi. People of Afrikan and Afrikan Diaspora heritage in the UK and Europe are organising towards establishing commissions of inquiry and local, national and international people’s tribunals to hold the governments of Britain, and Europe to account.

The evidence that you are able to gather is important so that we can arrive at a comprehensive assessment and a full picture of what our individual and collective journeys and experiences of the Maangamizi have been as people of Afrikan heritage both in the Diaspora and the Continent of Afrika.

Each person and representative of families and communities have to become our own advocates and experts on our own situation and then we can bring all these experiences together as part of us becoming ‘reparations enforcers’ to hold to account all those who are continuing to profit from ill-gotten gains and are complicit in the perpetuation of the Maangamizi today.

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