The African Emancipation Day Reparations March

London UK 1st August 2019 (L to R) Cleo Alberta Lake (Former Lord Mayor of Bristol 2018/19), Lazarus Tamana (Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People), Hon. Kweme Abubaka, (Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March Committee, Ethiopia African Black International Congress) and Dr Barryl Biekman, Europe-Wide NGO Consultative Council for Afrikan Reparations) present the ‘Stop The Maangamizi!’ Petition calling for the establishment of the All-Party Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry for Truth & Reparatory Justice for the Afrikan Hellacaust at 10 Downing Street as part of the Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March (between 2015-2019 now organised as the Pan-Afrikan Reparations Rebellion Groumdings) on Emancipation Day. Emancipation Day marks the anniversary of the 1833 Slavery Abolition Act.

The above image is the © copyright of photojournalist Thabo Jaiyesimi and must be accredited as such.

The Stop The Maangamizi: We Charge Genocide/Ecocide Campaign (SMWeCGEC) is a Pan-Afrikan Liberation Advocacy Campaigning formation of the International Social Movement for Afrikan Reparations (ISMAR) for glocalising our Afrikan Heritage Communities Rematriation endeavours to win Planet Repairs (the nexus of reparatory, environmental and cognitive justice) in Global Justice meaningfulness that will deliver Maatubuntuman in *Ubuntudunia.

The ‘Stop the Maangamizi: We Charge Genocide/Ecocide!’ Campaign Petition (SMWeCGEC) is one of the ISMAR campaigning tools for mobilising Afrikan People’s Power to exert upon the British Houses of Parliament towards establishing the All-Party Parliamentary Commission For Truth & Reparatory Justice, and other actions necessary to advance the process of dialogue from the ground-upwards, with the British State and society on Reparatory Justice.

The aims of the wider ‘Stop the Maangamizi!’ Campaign (SMWeCGEC) are to:

  1. Promote Maatubuntununyansa* in order to increase recognition of and educate people about the *Maangamizi, its causes, contemporary manifestations, consequences and solutions;
  2. Gather evidence of the continuing impact of the Maangamizi as part of the process towards establishing the All Party-Parliamentary Commissions of Inquiry for Truth & Reparatory Justice at the levels of the Westminster Houses of Parliament and the European Parliament as well as the Ubuntukgotla Peoples International Tribunal for Global Justice;
  3. Mobilise petition signers/supporters to organise as a community of advocates for ‘Stopping the Maangamizi’ as a force within the (ISMAR);
  4. Catalyse the development of such a force into an integral part of the Peoples Reparations International Movement  (PRIM) to ‘Stop the Maangamizi’, build Maatubuntuman and establish Ubuntudunia as the most effective way to prevent its recurrence as well as effect and secure measures of reparatory justice from the ground-up;
  5. Utilise the process of mobilising towards the Pan-Afrikan Reparations Rebellion Groundings on the 1st (Mosiah) August to amplify the voices of communities of reparatory justice interest who are engaged in resistance to the various manifestations of the Maangamizi today.

*Maatubuntununyansa (Maat+ ubuntu + nunya = knowledge in Ewe + yansa = wisdom in many West Afrikan languages) basically means conscientization that enables Afrikan people to advance from all knowledge relevant to the Maangamizi and its solutions towards grasping the wisdom of building Maatubuntuman in Ubuntudunia as the ultimate global embodiment of our holistic Pan-Afrikan Reparatory Justice endeavours.

*Maangamizi – According to Professor Maulana Karenga Maangamizi, the Swahili term for Afrikan Holocaust and continuum of chattel, colonial and neocolonial enslavement, is more appropriate than its alternative category Maafa. For, Maafa which means calamity, accident, ill luck, disaster, or damage does not indicate intentionality. It could be a natural disaster or a deadly highway accident. But Maangamizi is derived from the verb -angamiza which means to cause destruction, to utterly destroy and thus carries with it a sense of intentionality. The “a” prefix suggests an amplified destruction and thus speaks to the massive nature of the Holocaust.

Ubuntudunia (Ubuntu+dunia) is a combined Nguni & Kiswahili word which means a Multipolar World of Global Justice.

The SMWeCGEC works in partnership with the Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March Committee (AEDRMC). We regard the 1st August Pan-Afrikan Reparations Rebellion Groundings and its related events, across the World, as popular educational activities for direct action-learning on how to ‘Stop the Maangamizi!’

It is the view of the SMWeCGEC that our emphasis should be on reparations as a political struggle and a social movement. For reparatory justice, will only be effected and secured as a result of a Movement that we continue to build. Ultimately holistic reparations will only be effected when we have built and harnessed the POWER to effect our national will and strategic geopolitical interests as people of Afrikan ancestry and heritage, in the Diaspora and on the Continent of Afrika.

Kofi Mawuli Klu 2222 (2)

 Kofi Mawuli Klu, 1993

Unless our struggle for Reparations leads to the Pan-Afrikanist revolutionary consientization, organization and mobilization of the broad masses of Afrikan people throughout the Continent and the Diaspora to achieve first and foremost, their definitive emancipation from the impeding vestiges of colonialism and the still enslaving bonds of present-day neocolonialism, to smash the yoke of White racist supremacy and utterly destroy the mental and physical stranglehold of Eurocentrism upon Afrikans at home and abroad, delinking Afrika completely from imperialism of any sort whatsoever, we shall have no POWER to back our claim for restitution and to give us the necessary  force of coercion to make the perpetrators of the heinous crimes against us to honour the obligations of even the best fashioned letter and spirit of International Law.”


Kofi Mawuli Klu today © Peter Marshall

According to Klu (1993) it is important to grasp this point because:

“…while the cases of Reparations granted to other peoples that are normally cited, e.g. the Jews, Japanese- Americans, British POWs’ in Japan, the Inuit, should continue to be upheld as precedents in the spirit of which can be legitimized our Afrikan demands, we must understand that such restitutions have never threatened the Eurocentric global establishment of White racist supremacy in the way and manner true Reparations to Afrikan  people will result in the Black empowerment of Afrikans and their galvanisation of the revolutionary transformation of the present unjust order of the World.

Kofi Mawuli Klu, ‘Charting An Afrikan Self-Determined Path of Legal Struggle for Reparations’: A Draft Paper for Presentation to the 11th December 1993 Birmingham Working Conference of the African Reparations Movement – UK Committee



Professor Chinweizu is therefore correct in pointing out as Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah did long ago that:

“...the most important aspects of Reparations is not the money the campaign may or may not bring; the most important part of Reparations is our Self-Repair; the change it will bring about in our understanding of our history, of ourselves and of our destiny; the change it will bring about in our place in the World, for we need to move from this old global order, where Holocaust happened to us, to a different global order where Holocaust will never happened to us; we need to move from this old global order, which which sucks resources out of our veins and piles debts upon our head, to a different global order in which our enormous resources shall serve our own prosperity; we need to move from this old global order, which is permeated with negrophobia [and Afriphobia, OUR EMPHASIS], to a new global order that is cleansed of negrophobia [and Afriphobia], one where we would live in dignity and equality with all other races [peoples] of Humanity.

Hence the meaning and ultimate purpose of why we are mobilising and organising to STOP THE MAANGAMIZI!

The Struggle Continues!!!

International Steering Committee, ‘Stop the Maangamizi: We Charge Genocide/Ecocide!’ Campaign (ISC-SMWeCGEC)


Delivery of 2016 ‘Stop the Maangamizi: We Charge Genocide/Ecocide!’ Petition

thabo-p-1 2018

Right to left -Hon. Prophet Kweme Abubaka (Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March Committee, Ethiopia African Black International Congress), Dr Barryl Biekman, (Europe-wide NGO Consultative Council for Afrikan Reparations, Netherlands), Mama Lindiwe Tsele (Pan-African Congress of Azania), Ms Kambanda Veii (Ovaherero Genocide Foundation, Namibia), Joshua Brown-Smith, age 12 (Office of the Young Mayor, London Borough of Lewisham), Professor Gus John (Gus John Associates, Member of the African Union Technical Union Technical Committee of Experts on the 6th Region). 

The above image is the © copyright of photojournalist Thabo Jaiyesimi and must be accredited as such.



[2] International Social Movement for Afrikan Reparations.

20 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. This effort is one that a mighty few have dedicated their time resources and energy to support the whole community. Self sacrificing loyal dedicated over worked and under appreciated. The March committee I salute you and will help as I can.


  2. Thank you so much for this. It restores my faith in the will of our people to take action to reclaim what is rightfully ours.

    I imagine enormous amount of time and energy have gone into getting to this stage, which I hope is only the start, as we know well that talking alone has never persuaded the current authorities to take any satisfactory action to even acknowledge the injustice we have suffered and continue to suffer on a daily basis.

    I will do all I can to help and to enlist as much support as I can.

    Well done!


  3. I want to honour the leaders of the movement for their dedication in pursuing this just cause. Thank you all for fighting for the restoration of our dignity and our rights to demand and reclaim what is ours.


  4. I am so proud to be black and I want say thank you for all the hard work that you are doing to encourage awareness and all also proactiveness.


  5. I’ve just seen the march go by in Oval! I used to volunteer at the Black Cultural Archives (until I got a full time job and moved to north london) and the work you are doing is so important for educating London and the UK / EU at large. Will be spreading the word – “stop the maangamizi!”


  6. I echo the words of those that respond and to see that the struggle continues. This is wake up time and a time to to claim back what is rightfully ours and leave a rich legacy for our future generations Reparations is a must. The cause is being upheld in the caribbean


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